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  • Small Name Plate $3.50
  • Halter Name Plate $8.00
  • Small Red Nylon Draft Halter Out of stock
  • 2 Used Weaver Goat Halter Lot #7 Out of stock
  • 3 Used Rope Halter Lot #6 Out of stock
  • 5 Used Lg Pony Sm Horse Halter Lot #5 Out of stock
  • 3 Used Lg Mini Sm Pony Breakaway Halter Lot #4 Out of stock
  • 3 Used Breakaway Halter Lot #3 Out of stock
  • 5 Used Halter Lot #2 Out of stock
  • 4 Used Halter Lot #1 Out of stock
  • 706300 Equi-Sky Deluxe Rope Halter with Lead. $12.00 $18.95 SALE
  • Pro-Craft Nylon Draft Halter/Snap Red Out of stock SALE
  • 6638 3ply nylon horse halter with polished Nickle plated hardware $15.00
  • 6550C Cobb size nylon halter with "running horse" overlay. Out of stock
  • 6634P Pony size nylon halter is constructed of triple ply nylon with brass hardware $10.00
  • 1056605 DuMor Pocket Rope Halter $9.00
  • 50-731 Tough-1 Miniature Nylon Break-Away Halter - Regular Mini $10.95
  • 713418 Barn & Stable Combo Halter / Muzzle Horse or Mini $24.99