Just A Spot Farm Tack & Supply Live Facebook Sale Dates
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Every Sunday at 2:00, Tuesday at 4:00, and Thursday 6 pm EST

Just A Spot Farm Live Sale

 We invite you to come join us at our Facebook live sales. We will be selling Horse Tack, Horsey Home Goods, Pet Items, and much much more.   



Just A Spot Farm 
Live Sale Rules

Just A Spot Farm uses comment sold for our live sales. If you don’t already have an account please go to and set up your account in order to purchase at our sales and be eligible to win in our share drawings.

§  Loyalty Program - The loyalty program will reward shoppers by allowing them to earn account credit with each purchase. The shopper earns 3% account credit for the net amount of the purchase.

§  Share giveaways – JASF will giveaway a surprise bag every 30 minutes. The rules for the giveaway are as follows. You must have a confirmed account & prizes will only be shipped with an order.

§  Sale Days – Live sales every Sunday at 2:00, Tuesday at 4:00, & Thursday at 6:00

§  Shipping – JASF ONLY ships Friday, Saturday, & Monday. All Thursday sales have a strict payment deadline of Friday 9:00 AM EST.

§  Moderators – As with all busy online stores one person just can’t do it all. Our moderators are professionals and are to be treated with respect. There is to be no fighting or bickering in the public areas of our pages. If there is an issue please use private messenger to work it out.

Shopping carts

Our shopping carts DO have a time limit before they expire. You have 8 hours from the time the 1st item is added into your cart to complete your purchase (pay).

When an item is added to your cart you are making a commitment to buying that item. Once your item is added to the cart it can only be removed by Just A Spot Farm employees.


If for some reason you are unable to complete your purchase withing the allotted time of 8 hours you will need to contact the Just A Spot Farm Facebook page and let us know when and if you will be able to complete the transaction. We are easy to deal with and do understand things happen.

If you don’t contact the page and simply abandon your cart/obligation you will be placed on a 30-day ban from shopping with us. After the 30 days your privileges will be restored. A second offence will be a 90-day ban, third offence you will be permanently banned from all out pages and activities.

Payments accepted – PayPal, Sezzle, AfterPay, Major Credit cards

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Just A Spot Farm purchases items from various places, auctions, tack shop closeouts, manufacturers, and resale warehouses. Sometimes we do not know the history of a used item because it was purchased at auction or in a sale. Just ask…

All items are new unless otherwise stated.