42-71040 Freeway Gold Horse Supplement 1 Liter

42-71040 Freeway Gold Horse Supplement 1 Liter

RJ Matthews


Freeway Gold Horse Supplement
by Hilton Herbs Ltd.

* Recommended to support a healthy respiratory system in horses and ponies of all ages
* Ideal for use in spring, or when access to pasture is limited
* No fillers or additives
* Fast absorbing
* NASC member
* All-natural

Helps maintain healthy and efficient airways, a resistance to irritants and infections all year-round, and supports horses on restricted turnout.

Contains elecampane root, liquorice root, eyebright herb, cleaver herb, marshmallow leaf, plantain leaf and thyme herb.

Directions: Introduce gradually over a period of several days. Administer orally twice daily. For horses less than 12.2 hands - 5 ml; 12.2-14.2 hands - 10 ml; 14.2-15.2 hands - 12.5 ml; 15.2-16.2 hands - 15 ml; greater than 16.2 hands - 15-20 ml.