Product Summary:

Formula 707® Lifecare® Daily Essentials Equine Supplement

Formula 707® Lifecare® Daily Essentials is a concentrated vitamin/mineral supplement scientifically formulated to keep horses in top condition. It contains all the vitamins and minerals horses are known to need, helping to assure your horse stays sound and healthy.


  • Concentrated vitamin/mineral supplement to help your horse achieve superior health
  • Palatable, oat-sized pellets for easy feeding
Item Specifications:

Guaranteed Analysis per mg/lb. 
Calcium (Ca) (min.): 4.0% / 40,000 PPM 
Calcium (Ca) (max.): 4.5% / 45,000 PPM 
Phosphorus (P) (min.): 4.6% / 46,000 PPM 
Magnesium (Mg) (min.): 0.8% / 8,000 PPM 
Potassium (K) (min.): 1.5% / 15,000 PPM 
Sodium (Na) (min.): 0.6% / 6,000 PPM 
Sodium (Na) max. 1.0% / 10,000 PPM 
Copper (Cu) (min.): 0.017% / 170 PPM 
Zinc (Zn) (min.): 0.09% / 900 PPM 
Iron (Fe) (min.): 0.25% / 2,500 PPM 
Manganese (Mn) (min.): 0.06% / 600 PPM 
Vitamin A (min.): 400,000 IU/lb. 
Vitamin D3 (min.): 70,000 IU/lb. 
Vitamin E (min.): 320 IU/lb. 
Riboflavin (min.): 320mg/lb. 
Thiamin (min.): 120mg/lb. 
*Choline (min.): 2,600mg/lb. 
*Niacin (min.): 2,000mg/lb. 
*d-Pantothenic Acid (min.): 240mg/lb. 
*Vitamin B6 (min.): 60mg/lb. 
*Inositol (min.): 30mg/lb. 
*Ascorbic Acid (min.): 20mg/lb. 
*Folic Acid (min.): 10mg/lb. 
*Vitamin B12 (min.): 3mg/lb. 
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient as per the 1989 NRC for Horses.

Feeding Instructions: 
Nursing Foals: All foals should be started on a creep feed about 30 days after birth. Mix 2 oz. of Formula 707 with a pound of oats and feed this mix to the foal every day. As the foal grows, increase the oats to whatever amount it will clean up readily every day. 
Weanlings: Horses at the weanling stage need more supplement per pound of body weight than do older animals. Continue to feed the 2 oz. of Formula 707 along with 8-10 lb. of oats, a pound of dehydrated alfalfa pellets, a pound of good oil meal, and 6-8 lbs. of good quality grass-legume hay every day. For more fat on weanlings, replace a couple of pounds of oats with 2 lb. of corn. 
Adult horses: Feed 2-3 oz. daily to average 1100 lb. horse.