StallBlaster Ammonia Odor Remover 6 OZ

StallBlaster Ammonia Odor Remover 6 OZ

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StallBlaster uses naturally occurring microbes that digest odor molecules. It begins working immediately to knock down ammonia odors.

And fewer flies!
The highly effective, safe and affordable solution to drastically reducing or removing dangerous ammonia odors.

As we muck the shavings or soil, we've all experienced the intense ammonia smell that burns our eyes, nose and lungs and forces us to move elsewhere to get fresh air. The toxic ammonia fumes from our horses' urine have plagued us year-round whether the horses are in their outdoor paddocks or inside the barn.

And besides being seriously irritating to our noses, it's downright dangerous for humans and animals to be exposed to those ammonia vapors. Because ammonia vapor stays close to the ground, imagine your horse's discomfort while eating or lying down.

Exposure to these vapors seriously affects your horse's performance as well.

Read more about this here.

This past year we've been on a mission to formulate a nontoxic product to put a stop to ammonia odor--as well as other offensive odors. StallBlaster doesn't hide the odor, but actually knocks it down by consuming the organics in urine, manure and perspiration that are the source of the smell. And with an 80:1 ratio of dilution with water, StallBlaster goes a long way.